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You can visit Sylvanian Village, where "Nanohana Usagi(rabbit)" and other Friends of Sylvanian Families live.
You can meet the little girl from "Wata Usagi(rabiit)" family, go in and play inside Woodland Lodge, and ride different exciting attractions.
There are also a lot of events held at St.John's School. You can have a breaks at the cafes and restaurants once you get hungry from all that playing!
You can also get Sylvanian Village limited-edition goods at Market.


There are lots of fun attractions at Sylvanian Village!

Breezy Cycling
Sky Cycling
Sky Ferris Wheel
Baby Play Park
Big House with the Red Roof
Woodland Lodge
Enchanting House on the Green Hill
House on the Hill
Blue Sky Tent
Bluesky Square
Windmill House - Soar through the sky in the balloons
Primrose Baby Windmill
Fun with Different Kinds of Bicycles
Bicycle Rides
School for Everyone in the Forest
St.John's School
Forest Museum
Liar's Wood
Echo Grove
House on the Windy Hill
The Windmill on the Hill


We have limited edition goods and cute little souvenirs at Market, which is one of the largest Sylvanian Families shop in Japan. Get commemorative photos of your visit having fun in Sylvanian Village at Photo Studio.

Forest Market

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