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Picasso's Egg

Obstacle course is a series of challenging physical obstacles. Use both your brains and body while having tons of fun! A new type of obstacle course with a colorful color scheme and strange and unique format based on the concept of "how to move forward on your own!"

M78 Ultraman Park

You'll find lots of fun attractions at the M78 Ultraman Park! Enjoyable for young kids from 3 to 12 years old.

Sylvanian Village

You can visit Sylvanian Families Village, where "Nanohana Usagi(rabbit)" and other Friends of Sylvanian Families live. You can meet the little girl from "Wata Usagi(rabbit)" family, go in and play inside Woodland Lodge, and ride exciting attractions. There are also a lot of cool events held at St.John's School. You can have a break at the cafes and restaurants once you get hungry from all that playing! You can also get Sylvanian Village limited-edition goods at Market .

Kids FujiQ

A theme park with tons of fun toys you can play with five senses. It's indoor, so you can play around even on rainy days! And parents can also take a leisurely break here.

Playing and Skating in the Snow

You can enjoy with playing in the snow in winter!
An expansive slope opened just for winter! There are both smooth and easy-going courses and more steep and thrilling courses, so everyone can have as much fun as they want playing and sledding in the snow.

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