What are the temperatures like?
We are at 1,200 m above sea level, so it is normally about 4-5°C cooler than lower down.
Note: The weather can change rapidly, so we suggest you bring a long-sleeved jacket even in summer.
Where are the Sylvanian Village, Toy Factory Kids Fuji-Q, and the M78 Ultraman Park? Do they have separate entrance fees?
They are all inside Grinpa. Once you have entered Grinpa, you are free to visit the Sylvanian Village, Kids Fuji-Q, and the M78 Ultraman Park.
Note: You will need to use a One-Day Coupon or book of tickets to use the attractions. You can buy these when you need them inside the park.
Is there anywhere to eat inside the park?
There are a total of four restaurants inside the park, with children’s menus available as well.
Note: Some facilities may be closed, depending on the season.
Can I rent infant strollers or wheelchairs?
Yes, you can, from the shop right after the park entrance. You will be asked to pay 1,000 yen, which includes a 500 yen guarantee charge, and 500 yen will be refunded when you return the stroller or wheelchair.
How much does it cost to go sledding or ice-skating?
Both of these can be enjoyed for the park entry fee alone, but renting sleds or ice skates costs extra. (Sleds: 700 yen per sled per day; ice skates: 1,000 yen per pair per day.) However, you may bring your own and pay only the park entry.
What sort of clothing should I prepare for playing in the snow?
Most of our visitors wear skiwear, rainwear or similar clothing. You will also need gloves and rubber boots, which can be purchased at the shop by the park entrance. We do have a small number of outfits which may be rented as well.
Do you have any nursing rooms or playrooms?
We do. There are three nursing rooms, in Wild Grill Hungry, M78 Planet Dining, and Kids Fuji-Q. If you need hot water, please ask the restaurant staff. There is a playroom in Kids Fuji-Q.
Do you have anywhere to pray?
We do. See here for details.