Winter Fun Galore at the Second Stage ofMt.Fuji

Amusement Park at the Second Stage of Mt. Fuji Grinpa

  • Playing/Sledding
  • Lake Skating Rink
  • Snow Carnival

Vast slopes opened especially for winter. Courses range from gentle to steep, so everyone can enjoy playing and sledding in the snow.

Fun in the snow Sledding down slippery slopes
Get around the sledding slopes with ease! Conveyor belt debut! image only


December 12, 2015 - March 31, 2016 (Expected)
Area Size
100m (328ft)
100m (328ft)
Sled rental: 700 yen per day; clothing rental: adults: 3,000 yen, children: 2,000 yen* You can bring your own sled. (Only plastic sleds are allowed.)
* Please do not bring skis or other equipment.
* Separate Grinpa entry fee is required.

A spacious skating rink where you can enjoy skating with Mt. Fuji in the background. The rink’s size was doubled in 2013 to offer an even better skating experience! Our popular double-blade skates double the fun!

We have introduced double-blade ice skates, which give skaters a new sensation. They offer stability on the ice, and have great usability, reducing sideslip etc.
Highly recommended for beginners, and children whose parents are concerned about safety on normal skates. Give them a try!

* Numbers are limited, so you may have to wait for skates to become available.


November 21, 2015 - March 21, 2016 (Expected)
Area Size
1,800m² (19,375 ft²)
Skate rental (16 cm – 29 cm/6.3 in. - 11.4 in.) 1 pair: 1,000 yen per day* You can bring your own skates.
* Please wear gloves and a hat for safety.
* Usage charge is covered by the Grinpa entry fee.
* Please bring gloves, a hat, and a change of clothes, or come wearing clothes which you don’t mind getting wet.

Based on the concept of “fun which can only be had in winter”, the Snow Carnival has five diverse attractions spread across a large area of 2,500 m² (26,910 ft²). It is a fun and safe environment for young children who are playing in the snow for the first time.

雪の遊園地 スノーカーニバル SNOW CARNIVAL

Course Introduction

1Go Go Tubing
Enjoy the thrill of snow tubing. (3 years and over)
2Fun Sled Slope
Slide safely in 3 kinds of sleds, made from soft urethane foam.
3Jr. Tubing
A gently sloping zig-zag tubing lane, perfect for small children. (From 3 years to elementary school age)
4Snowman Plaza
Enjoy playing and making snowmen.
5Snow Maze
A colorful maze attraction in the shape of a castle.

* Make sure you warm up before using the facilities. We bear no responsibility for any accidents that occur at our facilities.

  • 2. Fun Sled Slope
  • 3. Jr. Tubing
  • 4. Snowman Plaza


December 19, 2015 - March 21, 2016 (Expected)) * Dates many change depending on the weather.
400 yen (*Separate Grinpa entry fee required. *Entrance with one-day coupon allowed.)
Site Area
Approx. 2,500 m² (26,910 ft²)
Target Users
Depends on the attraction. (Children under 6 must be accompanied.)